About Me

Kelsey Hamlin

Working to one day see a healthy, restorative, wholesome world for us all

Succinctly: I’m a nerd and advocate living in Seattle.

To elaborate: Most of my advocacy tends to pivot around intersectional social justice, housing (land use), homelessness, our punitive systems (financial and carceral), transportation (transit), and mitigating the climate crisis.

I was a full-time journalist (but you can still find me occasionally freelancing). I left the industry with both sadness and relief because it didn’t value my work—evident in pay, healthcare, and hours. But it was through community journalism that I first began to know and love our incredibly complex city and all its communities.

I felt my route in journalism involved the moment legalities, systems and policies touch people’s everyday lives. I make sure any job I take does the same.

We must work to create a world transformed by

  • Collective community care;
  • Abolition (zero cages);
  • Wealth redistribution / zero billionaires / taxing the rich;
  • Affordable housing for all;
  • Free, accessible, frequent, and reliable transit for all; and
  • Sustainable living where every person, animal, and plant thrives.

I’ll always carry with me all I learned at Sierra Club—but all advocacy since this moment happen over Zoom!
I still like to create graphic design when I can! Most of my opportunities to do this are in Communications.
& Cats
This is my cat Juniper! She’s about 1 year old, and has a big—like, much bigger—brother.