Kelsey Hamlin

Journalism B.A. from the University of Washington (UW) with Interdisciplinary Honors, and a minor in Law, Societies & Justice

I work at the UW’s student-run newspaper, The Daily, and at a nonprofit publication, South Seattle Emerald. I’m also the President of the Society of Professional Journalists UW student chapter.

Categorical expertise: Politics, legalities and policies, immigration, and homelessness.

My primary clips can be accessed here

I also have a separate website about my undergraduate college experience and what I accomplished.


Photo by Agatha Pacheco-Flores

I know my route in journalism involves legalities, law suits, social movements, politics, and injustices.

As media and society progress, or regress, journalism transforms. I want to be a part of that transformation, maybe even pioneer it.

The world has been moving toward some social revolutions: #BlackLivesMatter, LGBTQIA+ rights, and feminism. People are joining sides, sometimes people are creating dichotomies, and some people simply don’t want to get involved. To top it off, more extreme polarized groups are coming out of the woodwork. These are some of the most profound moments of our current, personal histories. I am here to document it, and document it accurately. Hint: context without false equivalency. The way America defines, perpetuates, socializes, and structurally tracks race, gender, and intersectional identities is a very real issue.

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