Kelsey Hamlin

Working to one day see a healthy, restorative, wholesome world for us all.

A photo of Kelsey: A white woman with brown eyes and brunette hair pulled back into a bun and parted down the middle. She dons gold wire glasses, several earrings, maroon lipstick, and a blazer.

Succinctly: I’m a nerd.

To elaborate: Most of my advocacy, research, and communications tend to pivot around intersectional social justice, housing (land use), homelessness, our punitive systems (financial and carceral), transportation (transit), and mitigating the climate crisis.

We must work to create a world transformed by

  • Collective community care;
  • Abolition (zero cages);
  • Wealth redistribution / zero billionaires / taxing the rich;
  • Affordable housing for all;
  • Free, accessible, frequent, and reliable transit for all; and
  • Sustainable living where every person, animal, and plant thrives.

The Backstory

I began as a full-time freelance journalist for about four years. Then I left the industry with both sadness and relief because the industry doesn’t really value its workers—evident in pay, healthcare, and hours. But it was through community journalism that I became to know and love our incredibly complex city and all its communities.

I felt my route in journalism involved the moment legalities, systems and policies touch people’s everyday lives. I make sure any job I take does the same.

On a faint pink water color circle rests two white, curved Roman-like ferns at left and at right of the circle's edge, with a drawing Kelsey Hamlin made in a journal more than a decade ago of an anatomical human heart with blue and purple water color, white speckles of stars and a shooting star within it in the center.
Three people stand holding a large Sierra Club banner. The girl at left in a long peacoat has boy-short hair, like Kelsey who is in the middle wearing a blue raincoat, and the boy at right wearing a hoodie. He's also holding a sign that says "healthy habitat = healthy orcas." Their image sits on a faint pink watercolor circle with drawn-on purple shining strikes emerging behind them, and blueish purple watercolor splotch sits under their feet.,
Cat Owner
On a faint pink circle background, there's a thick blueish-purple watercolor splash sitting under a real-life outline picture of Kelsey's blue-eyed siamese-tabby-mixed cat. The cat has drawn-on angel wings sprouting from her back behind her head, with a halo above it.