Divest UW may get long-awaited vote in May

Many students know Divest UW from its performances and protests in Red Square, but it’s not all fun and games when it comes to change.

Founded in 2013, Divest UW has worked to convince the UW’s Board of Regents to rescind the university’s investments in fossil fuels. Recently, however, the environmental group has narrowed its focus down to coal, one of the UW’s smaller investments, hopefully making the issue easier to tackle.

For the first time, Divest was permitted to present their argument to the regents at last month’s board meeting. According to Alex Lenferna, one of Divest UW’s core members, the board is likely to cast their vote in their May meeting, formally deciding whether or not to divest from coal.

Ana Mari Cauce, the UW’s interim president, also asked Divest to create another presentation for that same May meeting about wide-scale divestment from all fossil fuels. However, Divest is concerned about the timing of the regents vote, as it will be held just a month before most of the students leave for summer.

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