Getting back into geeking out with a camera

I honestly didn’t expect COM 361 to have my fellow students and I go headlong into producing content so quickly. But I really enjoy the challenge, and it makes me happy to finally talk about things outside of the UW bubble, not to mention things going on around the world.

For our first article, however, I had to pick up a camera again — something I haven’t done in at least four years.

I loved it. Although taking pictures of people and not flowers or plants or pets is new to me, it’s exciting and brings in a whole new realm of photo journalism that had never previously crossed my mind.

I love learning new techniques for using high-quality cameras; I love feeling justified to take pictures as I please in public because I’m a journalist; I love talking to people and watching them ease into the sound of a shutter opening and closing to the point where they just begin to act like it’s not even there.

I even love the people giving me stank-eyes as they walk past.






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