Greek row facing a series of break-ins

Rates of robbery, aggravated assault, and burglary have risen in the U-District community this year. Greek row in particular has been, and still is, facing an onslaught of break-ins.

Robbery has increased by 57 percent in comparison to 2014, aggravated assault has risen 41 percent, and burglary has risen 37 percent, according to the Seattle Police Department’s (SPD) crime dashboard: a subpage of statistical analysis on their crime-data page online.

“We are a data-driven police department,” said Patrick Michaud, SPD public informations officer. “Everything we do, we keep a number on. We need to make the most highly-educated decision we can in how we are going to police the city.”

Between August and October, Greek row saw a series of break-ins and thefts.

Only two of the eight thefts were able to put a price estimate on their stolen items, totaling $10,608. The other six incidents included the following stolen items: laptops, game consoles, iPhones, and a wallet.

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