Missed opportunities, but permanent connections

Do you ever realize that there’s these people who you know decent enough, but not quite well enough or to the extent you wanted to know them? Well, they’re just slipping away. The image of them standing next to you, with you, is being swirled around and distorted, eventually to the point where they’re not there anymore. Is this what time does?

It’s like your fingers were outstretched the whole time, and you were both content with touching the tips instead of grasping onto each other’s whole hands as time flew crazily around you both; and now, because of time, they’re being whisked away. Because now it’s their turn to take the next huge steps in their lives.

I’m so excited for all of them. And my heart melts when I hear their sentimental things and read about their accomplishments.

It makes me so sad to realize how I never got to see the most beautiful sides of all of these whole, brilliant, multi-faceted human beings who I already admire as it is. We’re all so incredibly connected by some of our experiences and happenstance times together, and yet so far apart. But I’m still so very proud and excited for all of them.

And, well. As for my bestie, I’ll have to post about that another day. Because I have to pack the rest of my room still, and if I talk about him now, I’ll cry.

I’m so incredibly excited for what’s to come for me, and the future relationships I won’t let myself miss out on, but I’m so incredibly saddened by the ones I didn’t take the opportunity to know completely. And yet, I am so very lucky to have known them at all.

I am so proud of all of my journo graduating friends. So proud and excited for them.






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  1. Jay Colby Avatar

    Interesting post I enjoyed reading this!


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