Three American Ethnic Studies professors retire from UW—A hole left in Asian American Studies

Retiring American Ethnic Studies UW professors, Gail Nomura, Steve Sumida, and Tetsuden Kashima (courtesy photos)

Amidst an already limited number of faculty to teach Asian American Studies at the University of Washington, three professors are retiring from the American Ethnic Studies department: Steve Sumida, Gail Nomura, and Tetsuden Kashima.

“All American literature has an ethnic angle or another,” Sumida said.

Walking into Sumida’s office is like walking into a vat of knowledge: the shelves are so full of books that there’s books crammed between the top of the rows and the spaces in between the shelves, his life memorabilia is littered everywhere around the office, and two pictures of his granddaughters sit on his desk. This is a man of experience and gratitude.

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