The 2016-2017 Board

Society of Professional Journalists, UW Chapter

Kelsey Hamlin


Kelsey Hamlin is a journalism major looking to double-major with Law, Societies & Justice — currently her minor. Hamlin freelances around various Seattle publications and writes for the University newspaper, The Daily; she has been doing both for approximately two years. Occasionally, she also records her own podcasts. Before her presidency, Hamlin served as SPJ Vice President. She’s also done one internship with The Seattle Times as a legislative reporter, and will be doing two internships this summer with KCTS 9 and the South Seattle Emerald.

My focal point going into this presidency is diversity and partnership with other organizations. I believe one of the best ways to expand is to include other niches in your expansion. I’m incredibly excited to have new additions to the team and to hear the wonderful ideas I know they’ll bring to the table. Among other things, I also…

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