Video: DoNormaal, Seattle hip-hop artist

This entire video was produced and edited by me, but I did have some help from Charles Johnson, who graciously accepted being a second cameraman. Suggestions from my editors, Stacey Jenkins and Jen Germain, also helped as well! The video was accompanied by an article I wrote:

Christianne (Christy) Karefa-Johnson adds a distinct sparkle to the Emerald City’s music scene as DoNormaal.

Christy’s journey began long before her rise in Seattle. While her first release was fairly recent — an EP in June of 2014 — her passion for the arts are firmly rooted in the poetry she wrote as a child.

When it comes to DoNormaal’s sound, the genre is hard to pin down. There’s a trap music feel to it, intertwined with hip-hop and remixes, but also something else. Something nameless, distinctly poetic.

“It is genre-less,” she concludes. “But based in hip-hop. That’s the tone. I love hip-hop… that’s what inspired me to make music in the first place. But I’m very experimental and I’m really trying to… not have a box.”

The article can be read in full here





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