Event to form action around societal and systemic racism

“This is geared toward students who already feel that Black lives matter,” said Steven Sawada, event organizer and graduate student.

He’s talking about the UW’s Racial Justice Organizing & Caucus, which will happen on Tuesday, Oct. 11, and Monday, Oct. 17. It’s highly recommended that attendees go to both events as they will be sequential.

Both Sawada and another graduate organizer, Gonzalo Guzman, said this event will be an organic, solution-oriented safe space. Both predict the event will last three and a half hours each of the two days.

Both Guzman and Sawada held sentiments that discussions and forums already held at the UW just aren’t good enough, as they are all talk and no action. That’s one of the many reasons Sawada formed the caucus, which has the financial backing of the UW’s Race & Equity Initiative Steering Committee. …

But there’s one thing organizers think will receive a lot of scrutiny: They plan on breaking up attendees by race to work in groups. Organizers predict that skeptics will see the tactic as divisive, but they insist it’s not about that. They believe that the safest way for attendees to unpack their feelings without judgement is with people who occupy the same identities.

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