Conversation on homelessness focuses on Legislature

Dimitri Groce (left), member organizer for WA Low Income Housing Alliance, explains … (Photo by Cathy You)

Approximately 15 people gathered in the University Congregational Church on Wednesday morning to discuss homelessness and mobilization for homeless services and affordable housing.

A very tall man wearing sweats, a black UW sweatshirt, and a beanie sat in the back. He goes by Bryan, and didn’t want to be identified in this article given his current situation.

Bryan just recently became homeless, and is still dealing with the life-altering shock of what that means in his mind. Right now he’s living in the recently moved Tent City 3, which now sits on the UW Seattle campus in parking lot W35. The area can host up to 99 people.

“I’m three weeks in,” Bryan said of being homeless. “It just happened. We had plans, and it fell through last minute.”

He recounted a housing situation that left him and his girlfriend living in a box truck they had bought for moving.

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