Suspected Red Square shooter is a UW student

Editorial note: due to concerns from UWPD, portions of this article originally posted on 2/1/17 have been updated.  After briefly removing the article to ensure accuracy, minor corrections were made pertaining to how the RCW and WAC work in this case. In addition, the original posting quoted UWPD as saying “the Student Conduct Code office has been notified;” this statement has been removed. Some additional reporting has been added.

Though investigations are still ongoing, it has been verified that the suspected shooter from the Jan. 20 Milo Yiannopoulos event and protests is an undergraduate senior at the University of Washington (UW), age 29. This is the same suspect who turned himself in the night of the shooting, and was released within […]

via Suspected Red Square Shooter is a UW Student — South Seattle Emerald

2 thoughts on “Suspected Red Square shooter is a UW student

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