Cauce addresses student senate in wake of Red Square shooting


University President Ana Mari Cauce attend the ASUW Student Senate meeting on Feb. 7. During the meeting, Cauce addresses and answers questions from students regarding recent issues, such as the campus shooting on Jan. 20 and the Executive Order on Immigration. (Photo by Zezhou Jing)

Most of the questions posed over the evening revolved around UW resources, asking the administration to be more proactive than reactive. Many expressed concern for safety and frustration about the UW’s handling of incidents against and by students, like doxxing, threats, and knife-wielding.

“I’m someone who goes to the Q Center,” Jonathon Vogel began explaining to Cauce.

Vogel explained that approximately a week ago, a UW student, whom they identified as an active neo-Nazi, came into the Q Center armed with a six-inch knife — though he did not brandish it. The same student was seen filming and taking pictures of protesters earlier that day in Odegaard.

Read the rest of the article here

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