Warrant on UW shooting suspects released, one is a UW student

The UW Police Department (UWPD) had a search warrant signed Jan. 24 covering evidence details, including the suspect’s phone, and naming two suspects involved in the Jan. 20 Red Square shooting.

With the return of the warrant, forensic investigator Chuck Pardee wrote that the suspect’s phone was cleared “through a factory reset of some sort.” The phone in question belongs to one of two suspects who turned themselves in late the night of the shooting, Marc Hokoana. The other suspect is his wife, Elizabeth Hokoana. Both are named and identified in the affidavit records.

The male suspect is a current UW student. His name was gathered through an internet trail left in an article by The Seattle Times, and was plugged into the UW Directory on Jan. 29, where his name revealed him as a registered senior. His name and contact information have since been taken down from the UW Directory.

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