Some major life changes

Hey all,

so if you haven’t seen it on my social yet, I lost my job as Capitol Hill Seattle Blog’s reporter. This means I’m out on money around the holidays while paying Seattle rent. It’s also a testament to the state of community journalism.

I severely need your support to keep doing what I love. Anything at all helps. I’ve created a Patreon account to support my work as I go back to freelancing. (Every Seattle publication pays under $100 per article if you’re unfamiliar. It’s like working 40 hours a week but only getting paid about $275 for it.)

Please, if what I do means anything to you, become a monthly contributor. It’s like paying for an NYT subscription except you know I’m the only reporter you’re supporting, and you don’t have to debate if you want to continue based on problems stemming from other people’s work in a newsroom. It’s just me and my content! If there’s a problem, you know who to go to, and you know who will respond — and that you’ll actually get a response.

I’ll likely keep updating this website because 1) it’s my portfolio but also 2) I believe in access and I understand if you simply can’t afford to pay. We’re all in this together.






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