Testimony Graphic/Poster in Seattle Times

Photo credit: Renter Kelsey Hamlin, with M.O.A.R., More Options for Accessory Residences, spoke in favor of the city council legislation. The Seattle… (Greg Gilbert / The Seattle Times)

With some help from Madeline Kovacs, a coworker in Portland, I created this graphic/poster for Sightline (which doubled as a hand-out when needed for both Washington and Oregon ADU efforts) and used it during testimony for ADUs which became legal across the city–at Seattle City Hall.

I created and continued alliances with other organizations, electeds, and activists on behalf of Sightline. Together, we helped write an action letter for others to submit, published ghost op-eds, op-eds, strategic messaging, talking points, and assisted everyday folks in telling their stories to Council.

Activist Jesse Simpson, Phillip Duggan, architect Matt Hutchins, Alice Lockhart from 350 Seattle, Dan Bertolet from Sightline, Brittney Bolay from Sierra Club, Patience Malaba from HDC, Councilmember Mike O’Brien, architect Sheri Newbold, and organizer Laura Loe gathered for an ADU press conference.

Together, Madeline and I created a testimony tracker sheet, recruited people for testimony, provided guidance, and connected them with the broader coalition. I simultaneously gathered stories, revamped the Seattle Neighbors website, and published corresponding photos and graphics that Councilmember Mike O’Brien and central staff ended up using and citing.

Some insights into testimony can be found in this Twitter thread, and some talking points here.





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