Testimony for HB 1110, Clean Fuels Standard

There was large turnout early March and hundreds testifying–most of which sparked by the conservative group Timber Unity and, some speculate, astroturfing. They filled the capitol and overflow parking with many semi trucks.

My spoken testimony for the Sierra Club Washington State Chapter, signing in pro for HB 1110 in the Senate Transportation Committee:

In all reality, we’re all here because we feel the constraints of the worst tax system in the US here in WA. I think everyone behind me can agree on that. Everyone knows the constraints of medical bills and more we just don’t have room for but must sacrifice something else to pay. HB 1110 does help reduce what we’re paying out-of-pocket, especially through medical bills.

I’m not talking just air pollution. I’m also talking about on-the job-injuries, about working in contracted jobs where we see less protection, higher risks, and that make our bones permanently ache. I know. I’m from the rural town of Sedro-Woolley that is also predominantly a timber town. Many of my friends and family deal with this on the regular. HB 1110 means we see jobs that don’t cost us bodily damage while, studies show, protecting our lungs and hearts. 

The fact of the matter is conglomerates who control prices at the pump are the ones who should be facing our ire. Clean Fuels lessens these monopolies driven by billionaires. Please pass HB1110.


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