Elected Communications Chair of the 43rd Washington State Democrats’ Board

My 2021 candidate statement was as follows:

We are all in a pivotal moment where word choice and our ability to energize those around us is crucial. I know the difference strong messaging makes. I know the gravity of this moment–during a pandemic when we’re weeks after a white supremascist coup and days before Democratic majorities in the Senate, House, and White House alongside our own state legislature. While we should revel in such change, we must also continue asking for more. We need clean air, especially during and after COVID-19. We need to prevent people from slipping into homelessness. We need to protect Black and brown lives. We need transformative change at the urgency our overlapping crises demand.

When it comes down to it, I am a multitude of things like everyone else. I was a journalist. I feel I still am at heart. I am a communicator. I’m an advocate for housing, the climate, transportation, and BLM. I’m a millennial, a renter, a woman, an abolitionist. I’m a first-generation college graduate with college debt. I’m a policy nerd. I am a listener. I am a researcher.

My communications–over social media, email, and more–will show on behalf of the 43rd Washington State Democrats that we can in fact create a world transformed by collective community care, prevention rather than punishment, housing for all, transportation for all, and sustainable living where every person, animal, and plant thrives. That we, in fact, demand it. As communications chair, we will be action-oriented.

This position lasts for two years.






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