Personal efforts during the 2021 legislative session

I encourage folks to join in supporting and/or sharing and tracking these legislative efforts as well!

In my work capacity at Sierra Club, I push for, and align with:

But in my personal life, I make concerted efforts to also push for items at the legislature in partnership with groups I also align. Here’s what I, as an individual, am additionally supporting (as in, signed a petition in coalition, signed on in Pro, or submitted testimony):

  • Juvenile Access to Attorney (HB 1140) — Verbal & written testimony [data citations: the latest WA’s Juvenile Detention “Annual” Report & the corresponding 2018 Washington Kids Count Data Center]
  • Demilitarization of police, or the Tactics Bill (HB 1054) — Written testimony
  • Community Oversight (HB 1203) — Filled out the community endorsement form
  • Decertification (HB 1082) — Emailed committee about the importance of retaining a portion of the bill
  • Public Broadband Act (HB 1336) — Petition, signed in Pro
  • Independent Investigations (HB 1267) — Emailed Senate leadership urging a companion bill
  • Restoring voting rights (SB 5086 / HB 1078) — sent in campaign testimony
  • Homelessness criminalization (SB 5107) –signed in Con

Here’s what I’m tracking–and have full intention to support but haven’t yet had the opportunity:

  • Working Families Tax Credit (HB 1297)
  • WA wealth tax (HB 1406)
  • Data Collection (HB 1092)
  • Data Audits (HB 1089 / SB 5069)


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