43rd No-Meeting email

Email Preview: But there’s always more you can do!

Against CA 29

House Our Neighbors and 43rd District Democrats' logos

We passed a resolution against Charter Amendment 29 in agreement with House Our Neighbors, but they need your help spreading the word!

Volunteer ASAP: 

Help our endorsed candidates!

The 43rd's endorsed canddiates: Toshiko Hasegawa, Michelle Sarju, Hamdi Mohamed, Teresa Mosqueda, Ryan Calkins, and Vivian Song Maritz. Their names are listed at the bottom of the graphic in blue.
The 43rd District Democrats’ logo is next to a big, blue “endorsed” stamp at left on white background.

In support of Kshama Sawant

Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant stands, holding a mic and smiling with people behind her holding "I love community jobs" signs.

(Since we oppose the Recall campaign.) Recall efforts aim to take down one of Seattle’s most progressive and outspoken Councilmembers on this upcoming ballot.

Sawant won her seat in office via democratic election, we have a responsibility to keep her there. Fill out their volunteer form today!

Join in on one of our committees!

While our general meeting will not be in session, our Committees’ are! And if you missed it this month, they’re still working on items and would love your input and help. Here’s each committee and how you can connect:

  • Our 43rd Elections Committee helps form rules, relay processes, keep track of candidates in all offices affecting our district, and more when it comes to the ever-awaited elections and endorsements! They certainly help ourGet in contact at elections@43rddemocrats.org
  • Our Fundraising Committee does the core work of making sure we can sustain ourselves. If you’re familiar with sensitive information, relationship building, and handling money, be sure to get in contact at events@43rddemocrats.org
  • Join our Precinct Committee Officers! These are crucial roles within each of our districts’ precincts where people take the lead on organizing their neighbors and talking to voters. Interested? Contact recruitment@43rddemocrats.org
  • Our Membership Committee gets—and keeps—people interested and involved within the 43rd Democrats, lay parameters of what that membership means, and answer questions folks might have, especially since they have the keys. Get in contact at membership@43rddemocrats.org
  • If you’re someone who likes planning or making an event enjoyable and accessible for attendees, be sure to check out our Meetings and Events Committee! Tap in at programs@43rddemocrats.org
  • For all our artists, graphic-lovers, word strategists, and social media gurus, the Communications Committee might be the place for you. Contact at communications@43rddemocrats.org
  • Should you find yourself frequently answering questions from friends and family, young and old, because you’re so tech savvy, into coding, or user interface, chat with our Technology Committee at tech@43rddemocrats.org
  • When it comes to local (city and state) politics, our Policy & Advocacy Committee is where it’s at. They’re directly connected to our representatives, provide political and factual insight with current happenings to the 43rd, and take action! Contact at camille.gix@43rddemocrats.org





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