Endorsements Meeting September 21 at 7 PM: Votes on Seattle City Council Pos. 9, Seattle Mayor, Seattle City Attorney, King County Executive

Final 2021 Endorsements Meeting

Our September endorsements meeting will be held virtually at 7PM Tuesday, September 21st. Please register to receive the link for the meeting.

[Feel free to check out our 2021 endorsement rules.] The last date to become an eligible voting member in time for this meeting is September 11th.

Please see the agenda so that we all may stay on time! Candidates to be considered for endorsement are in the following races: Seattle City Council Position 9, Seattle Mayor, Seattle City Attorney, and King County Executive.

The Mutual Aid Committee has some draft rules!

We also have a handful of resolutions proposed—please be sure to read them before the meeting! They are as follows:

Last but certainly not least, we’ll have an update on redistricting! The redistricting commissioners will release their first set of draft maps earlier on the 21st, so we should be able to get a quick preview of what the new district boundaries may look like.






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