Updating for redistricting

2021 Redistricting

Every 10 years, after the Census, all Districts go through what’s called “redistricting”—making new jurisdictions—due to both populations growing or shrinking and the ways in which that informs the count of elected officials. The 43rd, for example, grew by over 21,000 people.

What’s at stake?

Redistricting runs the risk of gerrymandering, or manufacturing election outcomes to favor a political Party by using drawn lines to inaccurately represent the communities within them. The lines, in this gerrymandering case, will either “crack” or “pack” votes in or across districts.

“Cracking” splits similar groups (like those with the same Party affiliations as voters) across multiple districts, dividing their strengths so that they struggle to elect their preferred candidates in any of the districts. “Packing,” by contrast, crams groups of voters into as few districts as possible so that the “packed” groups likely elect their preferred candidates but the group’s voting strength is weakened everywhere else.

What’s proposed for the 43rd, by who?

Appointed commissioners released their proposed maps for comment on Sept. 21. (Congressional maps coming Sept. 28!)

There are a few ways to make your voice heard: Go to meetings to testify (for 45 to 90 seconds) on Oct. 5 or 9, send in an email, a voicemail, a recording, a letter, or draw your own map to submit. You can do all or any of this by clicking the button above before Oct. 22. Don’t mention that you’re a Democrat! But do get specific about your neighborhood.

The 43rd, right now

While there’s currently proposals for new 43rd borders, a detailed map of our current 43rd Legislative District can be found at
http://www.kingcounty.gov/depts/elections/elections/~/media/depts/elections/elections/maps/legislative-district-maps/legislative-district-43.ashx (PDF). This is particularly handy for comparing to the newly-proposed maps, and even handier when combined with looking at neighborhood-specific voting trends!

We represent one of the most progressive and Democratic legislative districts in Washington state, including the neighborhoods of:

  • Belltown
  • Capitol Hill
  • Eastlake
  • South Lake Union
  • Fremont
  • Green Lake
  • Madison Park
  • Montlake
  • Ravenna
  • University District
  • Wallingford

We also have Broadmoor in our ranks. Every district needs its Republican neighborhood. 





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