The Community Whip Count

Really really proud to have helped create and continue working on this amazing tool with David Coven! If you know me, you know how much I care about making things more simple for people to engage, and about naming names when it comes to the decisions of those in power. This Community Whip Count does both!

More specifically, I help direct the website’s user interface and looks. I also laid out the timelines for each bill, designed the social sharing image (shown above), and all of the icons (shown below) for each of Washington Community Alliance’s priority bills with their branding style in mind.

To ensure The Community Whip Count is always up-to-date at any given time, I also track all of the bills and provide David with the latest updates on actions, messaging guides, one-pagers, and the whip count (each legislator’s votes/stances) for each bill’s page any moment there’s updates to be had. Together, Dujie, myself, and Kamau (WCA Director) decided the language/messaging (bill titles and subtitles) on the website.





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