Hacks & Wonks Podcast: Week in Review (Aug.26)

On the show, Crystal Fincher is joined by political consultants Dujie Tahat and Kelsey Hamlin, from DTC and The Poet Salon Podcast! They start off the show discussing the King County Prosecutor race, looking at the candidates’ views on the Youth Diversion Program, and breaking down the candidates’ views and approaches to public safety. They also discuss how party affiliations get blurred in prosecutorial races, with some candidates filing as democratic candidates while not holding democratic views on key issues. Then the three look at how social justice, public health, and police reform are framed in political conversations, often to make progressive views look illegitimate when in reality the[ir stances are] popular and supported by research.

Then, our hosts look at the upsetting news that the City of Seattle is using the creation of protected bike lanes as an excuse to remove and prevent homeless encampments, and how this represents a trend of homeless-hostile property owners adopting climate-friendly language to implement inhumane policies. The three discuss how the assertion that we have to choose between supporting the homeless and solving our climate crisis is false, and explain how the climate crisis and homelessness need to be solved together. Our hosts next talk about how progressive policies like Rep. Bateman’s middle housing bill are wildly popular, even in places like North Seattle, and implore Democratic leaders to assert the popularity of these ideas.

They wrap up with a look at the Kent teachers’ strike, breaking down the issues teachers are facing with resources and staffing and the challenges their students are facing, especially after the disruptions from the COVID pandemic, as well as how the pandemic highlighted all the services schools provide outside of education that need proper funding.

As always, a full text transcript of the show is available below and at officialhacksandwonks.com.

Follow the podcast on Twitter at @HacksWonks. Find the host, Crystal Fincher, on Twitter at @finchfrii and find this episode’s co-hosts, Dujie Tahat at @DujieTahat and Kelsey Hamlin at @ItsKelseyHamlin. More info is available at officialhacksandwonks.com.





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