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  • Webpage graphics

    Webpage graphics

    I made 4 more graphics for Washington Community Alliance’s 2023 bill priorities on their Community Whip Count website that I manage! This adds on to the 2022 graphics I made for the prior legislative session, of which some have carried over into this session.

  • Hacks & Wonks Podcast: Post-Election Roundtable

    Hacks & Wonks Podcast: Post-Election Roundtable

    In Part 1, the panel breaks down general election results with discussion of why the feared Republican red wave did not materialize and what lessons Democrats should learn and act upon to maintain and increase the structural advantages they now hold across Washington state. The example of Marie Gluesenkamp Pérez’s surprise win in the 3rd […]

  • Hacks & Wonks Podcast: Week in Review (Aug.26)

    Hacks & Wonks Podcast: Week in Review (Aug.26)

    On the show, Crystal Fincher is joined by political consultants Dujie Tahat and Kelsey Hamlin, from DTC and The Poet Salon Podcast! They start off the show discussing the King County Prosecutor race, looking at the candidates’ views on the Youth Diversion Program, and breaking down the candidates’ views and approaches to public safety. They […]

  • Washington’s 2022 candidates, and the Parties that allowed them

    Washington’s 2022 candidates, and the Parties that allowed them

    I’ve built a tool that compiles all of the over-300 filed candidates running for the state legislature, Secretary of State, and many prosecutors. The database—a nifty google sheet anyone can access—includes funds raised and projections—is exactly the kind of tool every organization that works on elections needs and shouldn’t have to reinvent every year.

  • The Community Whip Count

    The Community Whip Count

    Really really proud to have helped create and continue working on this amazing tool with David Coven! If you know me, you know how much I care about making things more simple for people to engage, and about naming names when it comes to the decisions of those in power. This Community Whip Count does […]