Missed opportunities, but permanent connections

Do you ever realize that there’s these people who you know decent enough, but not quite well enough or to the extent you wanted to know them? Well, they’re just slipping away. The image of them standing next to you, with you, is being swirled around and distorted, eventually to the point where they’re notContinue reading “Missed opportunities, but permanent connections”

Getting into podcast!

This is the first podcast I’ve ever really compiled. ‘First dates’ is a short three minute piece that juxtaposes two pretty alternate experiences gathered while doing voxpop-style interviews. (This is where you ask the same, one question to multiple people, and compile their responses together in one piece.) Putting this together was actually a lotContinue reading “Getting into podcast!”

My story with the Seattle Globalist selected for UW’s Kaplan Quarterly

Along with nine other great articles by fellow UW students, my Nepal Earthquake Relief article was selected for the Kaplan Quarterly, 2015 Spring edition (located, for now, on their Current Edition page). The Kaplan Quarterly was created in memory of Deb Kaplan, a journalist who created a narrative journalism course at the UW. Her brother remembersContinue reading “My story with the Seattle Globalist selected for UW’s Kaplan Quarterly”

Getting back into geeking out with a camera

I honestly didn’t expect COM 361 to have my fellow students and I go headlong into producing content so quickly. But I really enjoy the challenge, and it makes me happy to finally talk about things outside of the UW bubble, not to mention things going on around the world. For our first article, however, IContinue reading “Getting back into geeking out with a camera”