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  • Broken regimens

      One man’s story shows how mental health treatment is an uphill battle in jails and prisons Hayes’ jail medical records, obtained with consent, paint a picture of unmedicated struggles within a jail system that’s overworked. A place that is often viewed as rehabilitative is in fact not. Read more here

  • Vendor Profile: Yemane Berhe

    Near the post office on University Way Northeast, everything was basking in the sun’s morning glow. And on a street corner there, a man stood. He was wearing denim blue jeans, a black beanie and a black jacket. Next to him was what looked like a stumpy silver cart full of paper stacks, but organized. […]

  • Yemane Berhe

    Some profile photos I took for Real Change News‘ vendor profiles. The picture links to the full gallery on my Flickr account: