Majors compete to become competitive

While many students are anxiously awaiting their acceptance letters from the UW, they may face an even tougher application process later, when it comes time to declare a major. On Friday, the Faculty Council on Academic Standards (FCAS) met in Gerberding Hall and discussed the desire of many departments to shift their majors from openContinue reading “Majors compete to become competitive”

Board of Regents meets for first time in 2015

The Board of Regents meeting Thursday afternoon addressed myriad issues, but the biggest decision may have been made before the main meeting. Hours before the regents met, the board’s Academic and Student Affairs Committee had their own meeting, in which they discussed the UW’s own Internal Lending Program (ILP) interest rate. The ILP is theContinue reading “Board of Regents meets for first time in 2015”

UW education researcher dies at 94

John Goodlad, an influential educational researcher and former professor in the UW College of Education, died Nov. 29. He was 94. Goodlad’s education began in a one-room Vancouver, B.C., Canadian school house. From there, he worked his way to UCLA, where he worked for 25 years, and finished his career at the University of WashingtonContinue reading “UW education researcher dies at 94”

Former UW coach and rowing pioneer dies at 91

Stanley Pocock, former coach of the UW men’s rowing team, died Dec. 16 at the age of 91. He served as the UW’s rowing coach from 1948 to 1955 and was the first coach for the Lake Washington Rowing Club, and a coach for the U.S. men’s crew teams during the 1956 and 1960 OlympicContinue reading “Former UW coach and rowing pioneer dies at 91”

UW Mindfulness Project encourages students to ‘connect and reflect’

When asking Bryan Swaffield, vice president of marketing and outreach at the UW Mindfulness Project, to define mindfulness, he resorted to a single, summarized quote that is familiar amongst mindfulness participants. His answer? “Mindfulness is paying attention, in the present, on purpose, and without judgment.” With this answer in mind, a group of UW studentsContinue reading “UW Mindfulness Project encourages students to ‘connect and reflect’”

Socialist Alternative promotes protests in public meeting

Sixty people filtered into a classroom on the UW campus Wednesday night. Noise levels were at a murmur while provocative issues floated around like particles in the air, unavoidable. The group was gathered for a public meeting, sponsored by the Socialist Alternative, centered around the potential use for protests as a tool against racism andContinue reading “Socialist Alternative promotes protests in public meeting”

Discussion panel on past and present protests from WTO to Ferguson

History tends to repeat itself. In 1999, the Seattle Police Department (SPD) came under fire for its militarization in reponse to the so-called Battle of Seattle in which the World Trade Organization (WTO) faced more than 40,000 protesters. Recently, Ferguson, Mo., has faced similar police action in the wake of the Saint Louis County grandContinue reading “Discussion panel on past and present protests from WTO to Ferguson”

Exhibit preview: Kirsten Gallery: Byron Birdsall’s ‘Life is Now, Art is Forever,’ Diana Friend’s ‘Pacific Turnings’

Paintings of the outdoors cover Kirsten Gallery’s walls. The gallery is additionally laden with intricate wooden bowls and carvings. Though these works were created by two different artists, they undoubtedly belong together, uniting tangible pieces of wood with intangible depictions of the environment. Via The Daily

Divest UW rallies against investment in coal

Voices escalated, cheers echoed between the buildings, and chants filled the ears of passing students on Red Square on Thursday morning as student group Divest UW and its supporters gathered around the Broken Obelisk. Divest UW held the rally of approximately 50 people after President Michael Young didn’t put the group on the Board ofContinue reading “Divest UW rallies against investment in coal”

UW collaborates with Stanford on ROMP project

Doctors and medical staff often use medical terminology only they understand. This communication barrier can make it difficult to ascertain whether informed consent has been achieved. To bridge the gap between medical jargon and the way the public interprets it, Research on Medical Practices (ROMP), a collaborative project between the UW and Stanford, has producedContinue reading “UW collaborates with Stanford on ROMP project”