Women of color recognized at Charleena Lyles public healing

After the death of Charleena Lyles, a black pregnant mother shot and killed by two Seattle Police Department (SPD) officers, Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant requested a public hearing at the UW’s Kane Hall between the Lyles family and SPD Chief Kathleen O’Toole. The chief, however, declined to participate. O’Toole’s response stated Sawant’s request via email had “a disappointing levelContinue reading “Women of color recognized at Charleena Lyles public healing”

Contextualizing the death of Charleena Lyles: National and local patterns where people of color die disproportionately at the hands of police

Seattle’s jagged mountains were shaded blue the morning Charleena Lyles was fatally shot by Steven McNew and Jason Anderson of the Seattle Police Department (SPD), matching that of the community’s reaction to such police violence: tragic and somewhat jaded, topped with anger as sharp as the rocky skyline. Lyles’ death tacks on yet another nameContinue reading “Contextualizing the death of Charleena Lyles: National and local patterns where people of color die disproportionately at the hands of police”

Wising up about privilege

Hundreds filled Kane Hall on Friday night to hear anti-racist activist, speaker, and writer Tim Wise at an event that was planned by UW Public Lectures months in advance, well before President Donald Trump became a reality. As a result, much of what Wise discussed couldn’t be disentangled from current events, and in fact wasContinue reading “Wising up about privilege”

Court hearing for UW shooter reduces bail

The two defendants in the Jan. 20 UW shooting pleaded not guilty Wednesday morning in the King County Courthouse. Elizabeth and Marc Hokoana had their bails initially set at $50,000 each before the figure was reduced to $10,000 because neither of them have a criminal history, they’re unlikely to flee, and neither are receiving anyContinue reading “Court hearing for UW shooter reduces bail”

Both suspects charged for premeditated UW shooting

Elizabeth and Marc Hokoana, married, were both charged by the King County Prosecutor’s office at 8:30 this morning in connection with the Inauguration Day shooting that took place at the UW last quarter. Bail is set at $50,000 for each and a warrant is out for their arrest. Elizabeth is charged with first degree assaultContinue reading “Both suspects charged for premeditated UW shooting”

A team of four creates and maintains app for sexual assault issues

[Trigger warning: This article contains explicit language in reference to sexual assault and harassment.] It’s sexual assault awareness month, and a phone app that helps college students navigate issues around sexual assault is coming out of the woodworks. “Reach Out,” created by Capptivation, lets anonymous users pick from one in 2,500 schools in the app’sContinue reading “A team of four creates and maintains app for sexual assault issues”

UW researchers spearhead landmark study on the elder LGBT community

The first-ever LGBT longitudinal study, Aging with Pride, has been launched thanks to UW researchers. The data-gathering — which only allows for identifications of lesbian, gay, bi, or trans — is ongoing, and allows for multiple sub-studies on an under-studied, older LGBT population. On top of that, it collaborates with 17 community agencies in every U.S. census division.Continue reading “UW researchers spearhead landmark study on the elder LGBT community”

UW shooter identified by attorney

More than a month ago I reported in Seattle Weekly that Marc Hokoana told his wife, Elizabeth Hokoana, “don’t shoot anyone,” a statement captured on video. In a separate video, Marc is heard saying “they have to start it.” In addition, the shooting victim’s attorney claims the conflict all began because Marc was pepper spraying people, sparking the victim’sContinue reading “UW shooter identified by attorney”

Journalist Shaun King speaks on the current lack of humanity in the U.S.

The HUB Ballroom was packed last night as the UW community came to listen to journalist and activist Shaun King speak on matters of police brutality, but an hour prior to the event, there weren’t nearly as many faces attending a vigil for a black Muslim-American boy who was found hanged in Lake Stevens thisContinue reading “Journalist Shaun King speaks on the current lack of humanity in the U.S.”

Nazi recruiting posters found around UW since January

Before a performance of the play “As You Like It” began at the Penthouse Theater on Feb. 15, its actors and crew smelled something odd: spray paint, they thought. They went to check outside for the source, where they saw approximately eight Nazi recruitment flyers had been plastered onto the theater’s doors. The flyers wereContinue reading “Nazi recruiting posters found around UW since January”