Gut bacteria studies could combat associated imbalances like diabetes

UW associate professor Elhanan Borenstein recently published a research paper alongside Ohad Manor, a post-doctoral fellow in the Borenstein lab, focusing on a computational technique called “FishTaco,” an acronym for Functional Shifts’ Taxonomic Contributors. There are no fish or tacos otherwise involved. The crux of the FishTaco is that it combines two datasets about theContinue reading “Gut bacteria studies could combat associated imbalances like diabetes”

Conflicts between UW administration and students

In a podcast edited together and hosted by Alex Bruell at The Daily, I discuss various administrative and student conflict on UW campus that has accumulated after the Red Square shooting / Milo Yiannopoulos protest. I talk with Alex from 1:36 to 14:19, but by all means feel free to listen to other reporters from otherContinue reading “Conflicts between UW administration and students”

Warrant on UW shooting suspects released, one is a UW student

The UW Police Department (UWPD) had a search warrant signed Jan. 24 covering evidence details, including the suspect’s phone, and naming two suspects involved in the Jan. 20 Red Square shooting. With the return of the warrant, forensic investigator Chuck Pardee wrote that the suspect’s phone was cleared “through a factory reset of some sort.”Continue reading “Warrant on UW shooting suspects released, one is a UW student”

Cauce addresses student senate in wake of Red Square shooting

The ASUW Student Senate convened for a meeting last night, asking for UW President Ana Mari Cauce to answer some questions regarding the Jan. 20 Red Square shooting. Most of the questions posed over the evening revolved around UW resources, asking the administration to be more proactive than reactive. Many expressed concern for safety and frustrationContinue reading “Cauce addresses student senate in wake of Red Square shooting”

UW student targeted in flyer

Jessie Gamble, a UW student coordinating the Milo Yiannopoulos event and president of the College Republicans of the UW, was recently the subject of a flyer anonymously published online calling her a white supremacist and racist while disseminating her contact information, social media, and her father’s phone number. Via The Daily

Conversation on homelessness focuses on Legislature

Approximately 15 people gathered in the University Congregational Church on Wednesday morning to discuss homelessness and mobilization for homeless services and affordable housing. A very tall man wearing sweats, a black UW sweatshirt, and a beanie sat in the back. He goes by Bryan, and didn’t want to be identified in this article given hisContinue reading “Conversation on homelessness focuses on Legislature”

Office of Government Relations tackles topics that matter to students

by Kelsey Hamlin Many students know about the Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW), but behind the scenes of the student government are many different working parts. One of them is the Office of Government Relations (OGR). “I think it’s a fantastic place and a fantastic way to get involved,” OGR director AlexContinue reading “Office of Government Relations tackles topics that matter to students”

Trans Day of Remembrance

The air became heavy, eyes began to water, and throats burned while promises of “we will remember” filled City Hall on Sunday night for every transgender person who died at the hands of hate. “So often in death, we remember the trans people that died, but not what sustained them,” said UW student Yani RobinsonContinue reading “Trans Day of Remembrance”

College of Education hosts annual free film screening

Created and run by Thomas Halverson, the director of the UW’s master’s in education policy (MEP) program, the Education and Society film screenings attempt to put academia into a real world context. “It’s just something I’ve taken on as a way to help students better understand how these challenges impact members of the community,” HalversonContinue reading “College of Education hosts annual free film screening”

UW graduate founds organization to help Seattle homeless

It’s winter, and a man is curled up in a street corner. The rain soaked the cardboard boxes he managed to grab for refuge. He’s cold. There were no blankets left in the shelters today, and the last one he got is a shredded mess now. Sleeping bags are the equivalent of three days’ meals,Continue reading “UW graduate founds organization to help Seattle homeless”