Nepal earthquake relief: a reality check on large donors

People around the globe have been asking themselves how to best help Nepal, and even more so, where to direct their donation dollars for the largest benefit. As it turns out, large aid commitment claims are suddenly facing due scrutiny.  NPR and ProPublica released an investigation June 3rd that found the the American Red Cross has only built six permanent homes in Haiti — despite itsContinue reading “Nepal earthquake relief: a reality check on large donors”

The Nepalese Student Association mourns those lost in the 7.8 magnitude Nepal earthquake

Some photos I took during the candle-lit vigil held by the NSA UW.  Photos were published with The Seattle Globalist The picture links to the full gallery on my Flickr account: 

Translations puts the global transgender experience on the big screen

Every once in a while, you come across a life-changing movie. Mix that with an entire community coming together for it, and you have the Translations Film Festival — emphasis on the “Trans.” The festival provides a gathering place to watch films by, for, and about transgender people and the issues and discrimination they face in theirContinue reading “Translations puts the global transgender experience on the big screen”