Stay Housed, Stay Healthy campaign efforts

[Shout out to Matthew Lang for being such an awesome organizer! And Katie Wilson at TRU!] “With Mayor Durkan, King County Executive Constantine, and Governor Inslee’s Eviction Moratorium set to end 3/31, we must come together to ensure we do not lose home.” Join us Tuesday, May 11 at 6PM for a virtual rally inContinue reading “Stay Housed, Stay Healthy campaign efforts”

Some major life changes

Hey all, so if you haven’t seen it on my social yet, I lost my job as Capitol Hill Seattle Blog’s reporter. This means I’m out on money around the holidays while paying Seattle rent. It’s also a testament to the state of community journalism. I severely need your support to keep doing what IContinue reading “Some major life changes”

Adrian Laster and Matt Hannah

These photos are for two separate shoots of the people I talked to both times (and every time still) I go to Othello Village, Seattle. One piece already published with South Seattle Emerald uses a handful of these photos, and another will in the near future. Matt’s shoot: June 27, 2017 Adrian’s shoot: July 8,Continue reading “Adrian Laster and Matt Hannah”

Interactive graphic

I created this graphic on Washington’s use of federal funds with the help of an amazing digital reporter, Justin Mayo, from The Seattle Times. You can see every departmental branch that has received federal funds within the state of Washington, and their subcategories, since 2003. As you might notice, our healthcare system receives the most.Continue reading “Interactive graphic”

UW Communication Dept. Feature

Truth, Justice, And The New American Way Long before Clark Kent first slipped on a stylish pair of spectacles, journalists have fought to give voice to the voiceless [I hate this phrase] and defend the rights of underserved communities. SPJ UW President, UW Daily reporter, and Seattle freelance journalist, Kelsey Hamlin, may not think of herselfContinue reading “UW Communication Dept. Feature”

Treat ISIS, the KKK, Boko Haram the same

Ali Taj says in order to really address terrorism in the largest scope we can, everyone everywhere should treat all hateful ideologies the same. Fundamentally, every group that kills in the name of religion functions the same no matter what religion it exploits or from which region it’s based.