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  • Despite activist wins, 12th Ave youth jail construction is full speed ahead

    After a legal victory by activist group Ending the Prison Industrial Complex against the funding calculation of King County’s Children and Family Justice Center, construction at the 12th Ave project is still fully underway. “There’s what we think should be happening and then there’s what appears to be happening and they’re not the same,” said EPIC’s attorney Knoll Lowney.

  • No Justice No Pride Action

    Photos captured through that event (June 25, 2017) can be seen through my Flickr account. Some photos were published with South Seattle Emerald.

  • #NoNewYouthJail Movement Says Flawed Appeals Process Aided Juvy’s Construction

    Over the summer, Seattle’s #NoNewYouthJail movement’s future steps seemed unclear. After more than five years of protests, demonstrations, teach-ins and community outreach, it appeared the “youth jail” people had been fighting vehemently against would soon be constructed on 12th and Alder in the Squire Park neighborhood. However, a hearing Tuesday evening showed the fight against King […]

  • Administration refuses to sign statements agreeing with prison divestments

    UW president Ana Mari Cauce and Howard Frumkin, dean of the School of Public Health, refused to sign statements brought to them Friday from students seeking prison divestment by the UW. Both the president and the dean were emailed the demands a week in advance. Cauce and Frumkin were informed in the email precisely when students would […]

  • Japanese artist to talk at UW conference denied U.S. entry

    The UW Simpson Center for the Humanities sent out a news release Nov. 11 saying prominent Japanese artist Fram Kitagawa was denied entry to the United States.  He was set to be a keynote speaker at a conference the following day for “Socially Engaged Art in Japan.” The focus was to decipher socially engaged art […]

  • UW joins list of schools divesting from coal

    The UW is officially divesting from coal, following the examples of schools like Stanford University and the University of Maine. The commotion surrounding Thursday’s divestment vote began with a rally in Red Square.  At first, it appeared that Divest UW, the group advocating for and working with the UW to divest, was going to have […]

  • Qolors’ ‘Art for the Heart’ discusses identity and intersectionality

    When people discuss identity, it is typically discussed within one category or frame but in reality, such defined categories aren’t all-inclusive. Sometimes, a person’s identity exists at the intersections of multiple categories. Qolors, an annual community-building reception, had its 10-year anniversary Thursday in the Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center’s Unity Room, celebrating queer and […]