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  • Rent control policy

    Rent control policy

    [Featured Photo ID] On red background, white font read “The rent* is too damn high. *commercial and residential” with a black house key image and the candidate’s logo. The following are excerpts I wrote for the campaign policy proposal: …It’s time for rent control. Rent stabilization, if you want to be specific. While Seattle may […]

  • Home ownership program expansion policy

    Home ownership program expansion policy

    Excerpts I wrote for Andrew Grant Houston’s policy proposal: I am a renter, and I’ve been one my entire life. Though while Seattle is a majority-renter city, I recognize that homeownership is the fastest way to generational wealth. That history is drawn along racial lines. America, since its inception, has entrenched wealth in the ability […]

  • Most things are made, but for whom?

    Most things are made, but for whom?

    People typically accept things as they are. When we see a road, a home, a park, a restroom, we don’t wonder why they’re there—or think about why they’re not. This is particularly true when we lack the cultural and historical knowledge of oppression embedded in our lives to ask why.  Looking deeper, nearly everything around […]

  • Testimony Graphic/Poster in Seattle Times

    With some help from Madeline Kovacs, a coworker in Portland, I created this graphic/poster for Sightline (which doubled as a hand-out when needed for both Washington and Oregon ADU efforts) and used it during testimony for ADUs which became legal across the city–at Seattle City Hall.

  • Seattle Neighbors

    Seattle Neighbors

    In an effort to revamp Seattle Neighbors, a project of Sightline that centers the human stories of housing, I took the liberty of using old content to create new downloadable and shareable graphics.

  • Renewed Fort Lawton hearings take a turn toward affordable housing support

    Nearly seven pages worth of people testified during a Jan. 9 hearing at Magnolia United Church of Christ, where people filled chairs, lined walls, and crowded the entryway outside. Many testimonies used their time to voice frustrations about previous Queen Anne and Magnolia hearings that typically turned sour. Comments also showed support for the chance […]

  • Shaping Capitol Hill Housing’s affordable LGBTQ-focused senior housing project

    Capitol Hill Housing hosted its first public discussion Tuesday night with the community it will house in preparation for shaping what it hopes will be the nation’s first LGBTQIA+-focused affordable senior housing at 14th and Union. It just might take a little longer to come up with the money to pay for it. Via Capitol Hill Seattle Blog

  • Capitol Hill Housing project at 14th and Union will create affordable LGBTQ-focused senior housing

    True affordability means keeping rents in the city down for everybody. An effort to help Capitol Hill Housing shape “Seattle’s first LGBTQ-affirming affordable senior housing development” at 14th and Union will take another step forward next week with a Community Visioning Workshop. “We’ve heard consistently from the community about the need for a place where LGBTQ elders in the […]

  • Plans for Africatown Plaza rise at 23rd and Union

    The newly formed Africatown Community Land Trust entered an agreement with Capitol Hill Housing and Lake Union Partners, the Seattle development company that bought the Midtown Center block in May. The announcement cements the project surrounding Lake Union’s $23.25 million deal to purchase the Central District shopping center land.

  • With one last step in design review, hopes for 2018 start of construction for Capitol Hill Station projects

    With one last step in design review, hopes for 2018 start of construction for Capitol Hill Station projects

    CHS is back in business just in time for the Capitol Hill Station “transit oriented development” projects set to create 400 affordable and market-rate apartment units and 59,000 square feet of commercial and community space along Broadway to finally pass through design review. Probably. The four buildings face a second round of review in the design “recommendation” […]