Homeownership expansion policy

Excerpts I wrote for mayoral candidate Andrew Grant Houston: I am a renter, and I’ve been one my entire life. Though while Seattle is a majority-renter city, I recognize that homeownership is the fastest way to generational wealth. That history is drawn along racial lines. America, since its inception, has entrenched wealth in the abilityContinue reading “Homeownership expansion policy”

Updating the MHA policy

Excerpts of what I helped write for mayoral candidate Andrew Grant Houston: [Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA): also known as the “Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) Grand Bargain.”] …the battle for affordable housing to be nearly as ugly as it was. With a disagreement around setting 6% of the city’s land for inclusionary zoning (on-siteContinue reading “Updating the MHA policy”

What Seattle Can Learn From San Francisco and Chicago In Dealing With Its Housing Affordability Crisis

As Seattle deals with the largest population boom in its history, the Sightline Institute, an independent, nonprofit research and communications center, hosted a panel Wednesday night at the Rainier Arts Center to learn from Chicago and San Francisco affordable housing experts. Via South Seattle Emerald