Seattle Tech Leaders Panel Confronts Tough Changes Required by #MeToo Movement

As Erik Molano scrolled through his Facebook feed with endless streams of #MeToo posts inundating his eyes, he felt anger but also felt removed. He wasn’t a perpetrator of these harmful and degrading situations. Then he saw it. A woman who, on his Facebook feed, made a #MeToo post explicitly naming him and something he did.

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UW professor explains the complexity behind Amazon’s HQ2


While a job boost of 50,000 seems appealing at first glance to any metropolitan city, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

At the beginning of this month, Amazon announced it is scoping for new places to build its second campus. This means cities across the U.S. and Canada are submitting applications and bids.


[Jeffrey] Shulman has a “Seattle Growth Podcast” with 13 episodes so far where he interviews Seattle residents, business leaders, and government officials to cover the opportunities and challenges of a city brimming with tech behemoths. Of all his interviews, he most frequently hears about issues with Seattle’s transportation system.

“A lot of people are feeling the crunch that comes with new people getting to work,” Shulman said. Seattle ranks third among the 50 largest U.S. metropolitan areas for the rate of growth for mega-commuters. From 2010 to 2015, census data show the number of 90-minute commuters rose by 72 percent.

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Five Months Later, Amazon subcontractor SIS Takes Small Steps to Remedy Worker Mistreatment

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When workers allied with SEIU in February, it came to light that, for the second time, Amazon contractor Security Industry Specialists (SIS) was allegedly discriminating against its own workers. After months of continued action, Muslim employees were finally given a list of accessible prayer rooms, but some still face repercussions for taking a stand.

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Second subcontractor protest yields silence from Amazon

SEIU Local 6 helps protestors and workers seeking better practices from SIS, Amazon’s subcontractor for security. Photo by Kelsey Hamlin

Not only did Amazon actively decide during a second protest to not meet with Security Industry Specialists (SIS) workers — subcontracted by Amazon — but the company also hasn’t made or asked for any changes since the first protest.

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Pray-in spotlights Amazon for subcontractor’s alleged discriminatory policies

Photo by Kelsey Hamlin

On Friday afternoon, Amazon employees gazing from the windows of the tech behemoth’s South Lake Union headquarters caught a glimpse of hundreds of devout Muslims, clergy, labor unionists and some of their fellow workers engaged in a mass prayer demonstration to support some of the company’s subcontractors who see Amazon’s current policies […]

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