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  • Black Lives Matter rallies and marches into Race & Equity Discussion

    Activists for Black Lives Matter (BLM) and from the Black Student Union of UW rallied Tuesday evening on the originally Duwamish land that is now Red Square.  “We’re already standing on privilege,” event organizer Palca Shibale said. The rally came at a time when the UW and its president, Ana Mari Cauce, are holding discussions […]

  • Board of regents decide the president’s salary and buy KPLU

    Of the many things on the board of regents’ two-hour long agenda Thursday evening, two of them involved large sums of money. Via The Daily

  • President Ana Mari Cauce: More than just ‘the firsts’

    The UW’s new president, Ana Mari Cauce, is deliberate when she chooses her words. She puts a lot of thought into the things she says, frequently pausing mid-sentence. Her smile displays a clear passion for her job, coworkers, and the students. Of all the UW’s presidents, she is the first woman, the first Latina, and the […]

  • Board of Regents announce Ana Mari Cauce as new UW president

    In their meeting Tuesday, the UW Board of Regents announced interim president Ana Mari Cauce will be the new president of the university. Cauce is the first-ever Latina and the first-ever woman president of the UW. Cauce called the occasion an out-of-body experience. “This is less about me, than really about us,” Cauce said. “Because […]

  • UW forms partnership with Tsinghua University in China

    Seattle has been a place of historic firsts when it comes to collaboration with China.  Now, the city will also be the first to create an overseas educational and research platform with China, otherwise known as the Global Innovation Exchange (GIX). UW Interim President Ana Mari Cauce made the official announcement June 18, describing the […]

  • Presidential search forum: Students overwhelmingly in support of Ana Mari Cauce

    In 154 years, the UW has had 33 presidents. Following the departure of Michael Young in March, the university is searching for its 34th. One of four planned public forums was held Monday, in which students were allowed to voice their opinions and desires to the Board of Regents. “I think a new president is […]

  • Provost faces custodial questions during town hall budget review

    Ana Mari Cauce was at a crossroads Tuesday evening as she addressed questions and relayed key plans during the Provost Town Hall. Cauce and her audience were aware that she has been named the UW’s interim president, but until March 2, she will remain provost. At that time, Jerry Baldasty will take over as interim […]

  • Ana Mari Cauce selected as UW interim president

    The Board of Regents February meeting ended with a standing ovation. “I guess I should say I accept,” UW Provost Ana Mari Cauce said. Since the announcement that the UW’s current president Michael K. Young will be leaving for Texas A&M University 10 days ago, the board has been deliberating on who to place as […]