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  • Testimony for HB 1110, Clean Fuels Standard

    Testimony for HB 1110, Clean Fuels Standard

    There was large turnout early March and hundreds testifying–most of which sparked by the conservative group Timber Unity and, some speculate, astroturfing. They filled the capitol and overflow parking with many semi trucks. My spoken testimony for the Sierra Club Washington State Chapter, signing in pro for HB 1110 in the Senate Transportation Committee: In…

  • King County Transportation Benefit Districts Testimony

    King County Transportation Benefit Districts Testimony

    My testimony spoken to the King County Council’s Mobility & Environment Committee in February 2020 on behalf of the Sierra Club Washington State Chapter: “Hello, my name is Kelsey Hamlin. I’m here today representing Sierra Club Washington to talk about the Transportation Benefit Districts with you all as you start that conversation. I was actually…

  • Housing-related testimonies for 2018-2019

    Housing-related testimonies for 2018-2019

  • Testimony Graphic/Poster in Seattle Times

    Testimony Graphic/Poster in Seattle Times

    Photo credit: Renter Kelsey Hamlin, with M.O.A.R., More Options for Accessory Residences, spoke in favor of the city council legislation. The Seattle… (Greg Gilbert / The Seattle Times) With some help from Madeline Kovacs, a coworker in Portland, I created this graphic/poster for Sightline (which doubled as a hand-out when needed for both Washington and…

  • Reporting in dangerous situations

    Reporting in dangerous situations

    I was asked to speak on a panel put on by the Society of Professional Journalists, UW Student Chapter. The topic: Reporting in dangerous situations. My fellow panelists included former Emergency Communications Officer Jefferson Mok and Photojournalist Alex Garland. Check out the video!

  • Every journalist should read this

    We hosted an immigration panel on last week featuring professionals working to protect the rights of (un)documented immigrants. Together, we broke down what journalists can improve on when it comes to marginalized voices. … [The Northwest Immigrants Rights Project has a hotline specifically for potential sightings of ICE. This group then sends people to check…

  • Media Monday

  • My take/coverage on the UW shooting

    This was a piece done by some undergraduate students at the UW for their film class. They reached out to me and asked if I’d be willing to do an interview, having seen my pieces on the UW shooting. The following is what they produced:

  • Conflicts between UW administration and students

    In a podcast edited together and hosted by Alex Bruell at The Daily, I discuss various administrative and student conflict on UW campus that has accumulated after the Red Square shooting / Milo Yiannopoulos protest. I talk with Alex from 1:36 to 14:19, but by all means feel free to listen to other reporters from other…

  • UW Communication Dept. Feature

    Truth, Justice, And The New American Way Long before Clark Kent first slipped on a stylish pair of spectacles, journalists have fought to give voice to the voiceless [I hate this phrase] and defend the rights of underserved communities. SPJ UW President, UW Daily reporter, and Seattle freelance journalist, Kelsey Hamlin, may not think of herself…