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  • South End Musician Echoes Life’s Uncertainty in Newest Album

    Five records and countless shows in, South End musician Noah Gundersen hit a roadblock: He no longer loved what he created. The very things Gundersen used to define himself growing up felt foreign. So he did what any songwriter would do: he played it out, creating his newest album “White Noise” via South Seattle Emerald

  • College of Education hosts annual free film screening

    Created and run by Thomas Halverson, the director of the UW’s master’s in education policy (MEP) program, the Education and Society film screenings attempt to put academia into a real world context. “It’s just something I’ve taken on as a way to help students better understand how these challenges impact members of the community,” Halverson […]

  • Social Justice Film Festival highlights inequality

    The Social Justice Film Festival [SJFF] is contrived of partnerships across the Pacific Northwest, coming together to host forums and screenings focused around issues of social justice.  SJFF’s mission is to “forge creative alliances with diverse communities, bring inspiring filmmaking to new audiences, and make the art of filmmaking an integral part of social change,” […]

  • Social Justice Film Festival Makes the Invisible, Visible

    The Social Justice Film Festival kicked off last week with an array of documentary films lifting the curtain on extreme inequalities that pervade ordinary lives. Last Friday’s film centered on worker’s rights, and immigration, including a short film featuring Eastern Washington farm workers impacted by pesticides. Another short highlighted the lives of janitors and immigrant […]

  • DoNormaal recreates the underground Seattle music scene

    Christianne (Christy) Karefa-Johnson is adding a distinct sparkle to the Emerald City’s music scene as DoNormaal. Christy’s journey began long before her rise in Seattle. While her first release was fairly recent — an EP in June of 2014 — her passion for the arts are firmly rooted in the poetry she wrote as a […]

  • TA cuts could leave students jobless and degrees unfinished

    Stakes are high as the UW tries to address budget shortcomings by cutting graduate jobs in the College of Arts and Sciences. While losing a job may seem like a rather common issue in adulthood, it actually has very specific and extremely detrimental effects for graduates. There are direct consequences to not having a job […]

  • Japanese artist to talk at UW conference denied U.S. entry

    The UW Simpson Center for the Humanities sent out a news release Nov. 11 saying prominent Japanese artist Fram Kitagawa was denied entry to the United States.  He was set to be a keynote speaker at a conference the following day for “Socially Engaged Art in Japan.” The focus was to decipher socially engaged art […]

  • The work behind Hansee’s haunted house

    There are red leaves on the ground and pumpkins everywhere. You know what time of year it is: Halloween. For all college students unable to indulge in their favorite old TV-movies like “Hocus Pocus,” “Beetlejuice,” and “Scary Godmother,” they can at least indulge in this year’s Hansee haunted house. Hansee, the oldest dorm on campus, […]

  • Close-up: Real issues to be recognized in the music industry

    After a week full of media screen-shotting tweets between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, there’s more to take away than a sensationalized “war” between the two. Minaj has had a reputation for addressing societal issues, especially ones that directly affect her person, her identity, and her culture. Aside from media and social networks, these types […]

  • Translations puts the global transgender experience on the big screen

    Every once in a while, you come across a life-changing movie. Mix that with an entire community coming together for it, and you have the Translations Film Festival — emphasis on the “Trans.” The festival provides a gathering place to watch films by, for, and about transgender people and the issues and discrimination they face in their […]