Tag: Black Lives Matter

  • Women of color recognized at Charleena Lyles public healing

    After the death of Charleena Lyles, a black pregnant mother shot and killed by two Seattle Police Department (SPD) officers, Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant requested a public hearing at the UW’s Kane Hall between the Lyles family and SPD Chief Kathleen O’Toole. The chief, however, declined to participate. O’Toole’s response stated Sawant’s request via email had “a disappointing level […]

  • Contextualizing the death of Charleena Lyles: National and local patterns where people of color die disproportionately at the hands of police

    Seattle’s jagged mountains were shaded blue the morning Charleena Lyles was fatally shot by Steven McNew and Jason Anderson of the Seattle Police Department (SPD), matching that of the community’s reaction to such police violence: tragic and somewhat jaded, topped with anger as sharp as the rocky skyline. Lyles’ death tacks on yet another name […]

  • Wising up about privilege

    Hundreds filled Kane Hall on Friday night to hear anti-racist activist, speaker, and writer Tim Wise at an event that was planned by UW Public Lectures months in advance, well before President Donald Trump became a reality. As a result, much of what Wise discussed couldn’t be disentangled from current events, and in fact was […]

  • Journalist Shaun King speaks on the current lack of humanity in the U.S.

    The HUB Ballroom was packed last night as the UW community came to listen to journalist and activist Shaun King speak on matters of police brutality, but an hour prior to the event, there weren’t nearly as many faces attending a vigil for a black Muslim-American boy who was found hanged in Lake Stevens this […]

  • Social Justice Film Festival highlights inequality

    The Social Justice Film Festival [SJFF] is contrived of partnerships across the Pacific Northwest, coming together to host forums and screenings focused around issues of social justice.  SJFF’s mission is to “forge creative alliances with diverse communities, bring inspiring filmmaking to new audiences, and make the art of filmmaking an integral part of social change,” […]

  • Social Justice Film Festival Makes the Invisible, Visible

    The Social Justice Film Festival kicked off last week with an array of documentary films lifting the curtain on extreme inequalities that pervade ordinary lives. Last Friday’s film centered on worker’s rights, and immigration, including a short film featuring Eastern Washington farm workers impacted by pesticides. Another short highlighted the lives of janitors and immigrant […]

  • Action around societal and systemic racism

    “This is geared toward students who already feel that Black lives matter,” said Steven Sawada, event organizer and graduate student. He’s talking about the UW’s Racial Justice Organizing & Caucus, which will happen on Tuesday, Oct. 11, and Monday, Oct. 17. It’s highly recommended that attendees go to both events as they will be sequential. […]

  • Students unsatisfied with American Ethnic Studies hiring choices

    Last month, the American Ethnic Studies (AES) department hired a new tenure-track faculty member, but AES students were left unsatisfied when one of their favorite lecturers, Terry Scott, did not reach the interview stage for the position. Sera Wang, an AES and political science major, subsequently created a petition arguing that Scott and her credentials […]

  • Administration refuses to sign statements agreeing with prison divestments

    UW president Ana Mari Cauce and Howard Frumkin, dean of the School of Public Health, refused to sign statements brought to them Friday from students seeking prison divestment by the UW. Both the president and the dean were emailed the demands a week in advance. Cauce and Frumkin were informed in the email precisely when students would […]

  • After students point out racism in public health, department holds a forum

    Following a hostile interaction between a black academic adviser and the UW Police Department (UWPD) in March and the subsequent student demands and calls for racial equity, the department of global health met Friday to call for leadership and discuss making change a reality. “[At] today’s forum, we are at the table,” said Anu Taranath, […]