Divest UW may get long-awaited vote in May

Many students know Divest UW from its performances and protests in Red Square, but it’s not all fun and games when it comes to change. Founded in 2013, Divest UW has worked to convince the UW’s Board of Regents to rescind the university’s investments in fossil fuels. Recently, however, the environmental group has narrowed itsContinue reading “Divest UW may get long-awaited vote in May”

Divest UW rallies against investment in coal

Voices escalated, cheers echoed between the buildings, and chants filled the ears of passing students on Red Square on Thursday morning as student group Divest UW and its supporters gathered around the Broken Obelisk. Divest UW held the rally of approximately 50 people after President Michael Young didn’t put the group on the Board ofContinue reading “Divest UW rallies against investment in coal”