UW creates affordable housing for employees

The UW recently announced it will build 150 to 200 affordable housing units, with priority given to UW faculty and staff, by 2021. The building stages are just beginning, however. The UW has yet to choose a developer, make design or construction plans, and decide financials. The university has chosen a site: Roosevelt Way NortheastContinue reading “UW creates affordable housing for employees”

A team of four creates and maintains app for sexual assault issues

[Trigger warning: This article contains explicit language in reference to sexual assault and harassment.] It’s sexual assault awareness month, and a phone app that helps college students navigate issues around sexual assault is coming out of the woodworks. “Reach Out,” created by Capptivation, lets anonymous users pick from one in 2,500 schools in the app’sContinue reading “A team of four creates and maintains app for sexual assault issues”

Point/Counterpoint: Graduate school

It isn’t for everyone. Let me start by saying I’m a first-generation college student, and I didn’t even understand much about graduate school until the end of my sophomore year [in college]. I never had an inclination toward it anyway. But knowing what I know now about graduate school, I still don’t lean toward going.Continue reading “Point/Counterpoint: Graduate school”

Legislators push for free tuition at community, technical colleges

Democratic lawmakers are proposing free community-college tuition for two years, following models like Oregon’s. No word on where the money will come from, however. Read more here  OLYMPIA —Tuition at the state’s community and technical colleges would be free for many state residents under an ambitious proposal that takes up President Obama’s call to expandContinue reading “Legislators push for free tuition at community, technical colleges”