Public Defender’s Office to Help Mitigate Unintended Impacts of Low Level Crimes

Seattle City Council passed Resolution 31802 Monday to insert civil “collateral consequence” attorneys into the King County Department of Public Defense (KC DPD) in an effort to inform people charged with crimes about the unintended consequences of conviction. via South Seattle Emerald

Black Teen Accused of Shoplifting, Pinned to Ground by Beacon Hill Red Apple Employees

Teddy Avestruz was walking along Beacon Avenue on Wednesday, Jan. 17, when he saw a black, teenage boy being held down on the pavement in front of the Hilltop Red Apple by five people wearing the store’s uniform. The store’s general manager accused the boy of shoplifting in a later interview. Avestruz, who says thatContinue reading “Black Teen Accused of Shoplifting, Pinned to Ground by Beacon Hill Red Apple Employees”

Community feels left in the dark about Donnie Chin murder investigation

      Donnie Chin was perhaps one of the International District’s most beloved community members. He was a watchdog, a friend, and a family man. Since his death on July 23, 2015, when 59-year-old Chin was caught in the crossfire of what police say was gang violence, the Chinatown International District community and many othersContinue reading “Community feels left in the dark about Donnie Chin murder investigation”

Court hearing for UW shooter reduces bail

The two defendants in the Jan. 20 UW shooting pleaded not guilty Wednesday morning in the King County Courthouse. Elizabeth and Marc Hokoana had their bails initially set at $50,000 each before the figure was reduced to $10,000 because neither of them have a criminal history, they’re unlikely to flee, and neither are receiving anyContinue reading “Court hearing for UW shooter reduces bail”

Both suspects charged for premeditated UW shooting

Elizabeth and Marc Hokoana, married, were both charged by the King County Prosecutor’s office at 8:30 this morning in connection with the Inauguration Day shooting that took place at the UW last quarter. Bail is set at $50,000 for each and a warrant is out for their arrest. Elizabeth is charged with first degree assaultContinue reading “Both suspects charged for premeditated UW shooting”

UW Shooting Suspect Admits What Video Already Told Us

More than a month ago, Seattle Weekly reported on a video in which Marc Hokoana can be heard telling his wife Elizabeth Hokoana “don’t shoot anyone” just prior to a shooting at the University of Washington—a fact that seemed to contradict earlier reports that it was Marc who fired the shot that left a man inContinue reading “UW Shooting Suspect Admits What Video Already Told Us”

Warrant on UW shooting suspects released, one is a UW student

The UW Police Department (UWPD) had a search warrant signed Jan. 24 covering evidence details, including the suspect’s phone, and naming two suspects involved in the Jan. 20 Red Square shooting. With the return of the warrant, forensic investigator Chuck Pardee wrote that the suspect’s phone was cleared “through a factory reset of some sort.”Continue reading “Warrant on UW shooting suspects released, one is a UW student”

Greek row facing a series of break-ins

Rates of robbery, aggravated assault, and burglary have risen in the U-District community this year. Greek row in particular has been, and still is, facing an onslaught of break-ins. Robbery has increased by 57 percent in comparison to 2014, aggravated assault has risen 41 percent, and burglary has risen 37 percent, according to the SeattleContinue reading “Greek row facing a series of break-ins”

UW Board of Regents violates open public meetings act

A King County Superior Court judge ruled Friday that the UW Board of Regents violated the Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA) on 24 separate occasions over almost three years. The board undermined the OPMA by holding dinner meetings at former President Michael Young’s house, in which the meetings were neither open nor public, according toContinue reading “UW Board of Regents violates open public meetings act”