Universal Pre-K Policy

The excerpts of what I wrote for mayoral candidate Andrew Grant Houston’s free preschool policy: Childcare is personal…[AGH’s] family pinching pennies to make sure we were all taken care of while my mom worked as a public school teacher. Childcare was expensive then, and today it’s more so. In King County, the 2019 median costContinue reading “Universal Pre-K Policy”

NAACP Advocates for Ethnic Studies in Seattle Public Schools

by Kelsey Hamlin It’s been well documented that Seattle has a problem when it comes to racial gaps in learning, discipline, and opportunities for all of its school children. Some of these systemic issues can be traced all the way back to redlining, Seattle’s historic practice of effectively restricting designated residential areas to certain races. viaContinue reading “NAACP Advocates for Ethnic Studies in Seattle Public Schools”

College of Education hosts annual free film screening

Created and run by Thomas Halverson, the director of the UW’s master’s in education policy (MEP) program, the Education and Society film screenings attempt to put academia into a real world context. “It’s just something I’ve taken on as a way to help students better understand how these challenges impact members of the community,” HalversonContinue reading “College of Education hosts annual free film screening”

After Seattle Educators Focus School Day Around Black Lives Matter Movement, Community Rallies to Show Support

Wednesday night, Washington Hall was bursting with sound: a constant buzz of chatter, throb of laughter, and beat of music. A rally was happening, following the full work day of educators across Seattle who chose to redirect curriculum, hold discussions, and wear t-shirts for Black Lives Matter. via After Seattle Educators Focus School Day Around BlackContinue reading “After Seattle Educators Focus School Day Around Black Lives Matter Movement, Community Rallies to Show Support”

Seattle Educators to Demonstrate BLM Solidarity in District-wide Action

    Next Wednesday, Oct. 19, teachers, counselors, and other Seattle Public School District staff across the city plan on simultaneously wearing Black Lives Matter shirts to work, centering the day’s curriculum around race, civil rights history, and contextualizing current events. They will also hold a rally later that day. Read more here

Legislators push for free tuition at community, technical colleges

Democratic lawmakers are proposing free community-college tuition for two years, following models like Oregon’s. No word on where the money will come from, however. Read more here  OLYMPIA —Tuition at the state’s community and technical colleges would be free for many state residents under an ambitious proposal that takes up President Obama’s call to expandContinue reading “Legislators push for free tuition at community, technical colleges”

Fewer Native American students accepted into class of 2019

While there are a record number of minorities in the UW’s incoming freshman class, the proportion pales when taken in context with its larger-than-ever overall class size. Via The Daily

Tuition increases for graduate, international, and out-of-state students

While Washington state legislators recently decreased resident undergraduate tuition for the next two years, the UW Board of Regents determined June 9 that graduate, out-of-state, and international student tuition would increase. Only tier III graduate students, or students seeking master’s and doctorate degrees in the College of Engineering, or master’s and doctoral candidates in theContinue reading “Tuition increases for graduate, international, and out-of-state students”

Tuition reduced for next two years

The Washington state Legislature passed its 2015-17 operating budget Monday, lowering tuition statewide by 5% for the 2015-16 academic year. The budget passed just 24 hours before a scheduled partial government shutdown. Of the many budget points the House Democrats and Senate Republicans disagreed on, tuition was a big one: The Senate wanted a 25%Continue reading “Tuition reduced for next two years”

Idle legislature concerns UW community

Since budgets were proposed by the Washington state House Democrats and Senate Republicans, the finalization process has begun but some are concerned about the legislature’s idleness. “Rather than negotiating the budget, they’re being briefed, so not actually making compromises and changes,” said Genesee Adkins, the UW director of state relations. “Because there’s a very, veryContinue reading “Idle legislature concerns UW community”