Updating Our Page for Redistricting

2021 Redistricting Every 10 years, after the Census, all Districts go through what’s called “redistricting”—making new jurisdictions—due to both populations growing or shrinking and the ways in which that informs the count of elected officials. The 43rd, for example, grew by over 21,000 people. What’s at stake? Redistricting runs the risk of gerrymandering, or manufacturingContinue reading “Updating Our Page for Redistricting”

“Ghost-writing” for The Campaign

AKA when you write a piece for someone else (where the byline will be theirs) as a part of your work Why I’m The Best Candidate for South Seattle: Andrew Grant Houston My name is Andrew Grant Houston, and I am the best candidate for South Seattle because I will take action. I’m not aContinue reading ““Ghost-writing” for The Campaign”