UW ahead of the curve on plastic-free straw campaign

In 32 years, the ocean is slated to have a 1:1 ratio of plastic and fish. Since the ‘50s, plastic production has multiplied by 20, reaching 311 million tons in 2014. This is why the Lonely Whale Foundation decided to advocate for marine life protection. Founded by actor Adrian Grenier and producer Lucy Sumner, the foundationContinue reading “UW ahead of the curve on plastic-free straw campaign”

UW joins list of schools divesting from coal

The UW is officially divesting from coal, following the examples of schools like Stanford University and the University of Maine. The commotion surrounding Thursday’s divestment vote began with a rally in Red Square.  At first, it appeared that Divest UW, the group advocating for and working with the UW to divest, was going to haveContinue reading “UW joins list of schools divesting from coal”

Women activists discuss exploitive companies

International Women’s Day was celebrated early Monday night in Thomson Hall. “We thought we’d save you from finals week,” joked Ben Wiselogle, organizer and Oxfam member, after noting that International Women’s Day is actually March 8. The event sought to highlight the work of two women activists fighting against mining and exploitation in West Africa.Continue reading “Women activists discuss exploitive companies”

Exhibit preview: Kirsten Gallery: Byron Birdsall’s ‘Life is Now, Art is Forever,’ Diana Friend’s ‘Pacific Turnings’

Paintings of the outdoors cover Kirsten Gallery’s walls. The gallery is additionally laden with intricate wooden bowls and carvings. Though these works were created by two different artists, they undoubtedly belong together, uniting tangible pieces of wood with intangible depictions of the environment. Via The Daily

Divest UW rallies against investment in coal

Voices escalated, cheers echoed between the buildings, and chants filled the ears of passing students on Red Square on Thursday morning as student group Divest UW and its supporters gathered around the Broken Obelisk. Divest UW held the rally of approximately 50 people after President Michael Young didn’t put the group on the Board ofContinue reading “Divest UW rallies against investment in coal”