Meet the one woman holding down SPD’s Bias Crimes Unit

While the Seattle Police Department has kept track of biased crime cases for decades — it has to be reported to the feds — a unit dedicated to investigating the reports is only a few years old. It sits underneath the homicide and assault units. The person in charge? Detective Beth Wareing.

Before Trans Pride Begins, Trans Victim Speaks Out

A transitioning person was walking back to their car around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday when they were attacked by a man who began the assault by saying “happy pride.” The victim was Michael Volz, who had just left a fundraiser event at Capitol Hill’s Neumos meant to support the mass hate crime shooting […] via Before TransContinue reading “Before Trans Pride Begins, Trans Victim Speaks Out”

In Wake of Orlando Tragedy Local Mosques Threatened With Hate Crimes

South Seattle Emerald by Kelsey Hamlin While the vigils held and the support created after the Pulse shooting in Orlando should not be dismissed, the backlash resulting from news coverage of the incident shouldn’t be either. View original post 1,526 more words