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  • Trump just removed DACA, here’s what that means for undocumented students

    It has been rumored since Thursday that President Donald Trump planned to remove Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and now what many nonprofits and undocumented people feared has become true. The Department of Homeland Security said it will stop processing first-time applicants for DACA today. But DACA recipients, or Dreamers, who would’ve otherwise renewed their […]

  • Board of regents decide the president’s salary and buy KPLU

    Of the many things on the board of regents’ two-hour long agenda Thursday evening, two of them involved large sums of money. One of these was the UW president Ana Mari Cauce’s salary for the next five years. She will earn $910,000 a year. Broken down, $12,000 of that is her yearly automobile allowance, $697,500 […]

  • FAFSA making changes to tax return rules

    In September, the Obama Administration decided to change aspects of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, (FAFSA). Starting next year, students will be able to reference tax returns from two years ago.  In the past, the FAFSA has opened for applications far earlier in the year than when tax returns arrive, which determines students’ […]

  • Board of Regents announce Ana Mari Cauce as new UW president

    In their meeting Tuesday, the UW Board of Regents announced interim president Ana Mari Cauce will be the new president of the university. Cauce is the first-ever Latina and the first-ever woman president of the UW. Cauce called the occasion an out-of-body experience. “This is less about me, than really about us,” Cauce said. “Because […]

  • Private contributions provide boost in the UW’s funding

    Private contributions from outside donors play a large role in university funding across the nation. The UW received approximately $227 million in last year’s private gifts, almost $28 million less than gifts from the preceding 2013-14 fiscal year. “The [contribution] that is significantly smaller is [to] the School of Law,” said Walt Dryfoos, associate vice […]

  • Fewer Native American students accepted into class of 2019

    While there are a record number of minorities in the UW’s incoming freshman class, the proportion pales when taken in context with its larger-than-ever overall class size. Via The Daily

  • Tuition increases for graduate, international, and out-of-state students

    While Washington state legislators recently decreased resident undergraduate tuition for the next two years, the UW Board of Regents determined June 9 that graduate, out-of-state, and international student tuition would increase. Only tier III graduate students, or students seeking master’s and doctorate degrees in the College of Engineering, or master’s and doctoral candidates in the […]

  • Tuition reduced for next two years

    The Washington state Legislature passed its 2015-17 operating budget Monday, lowering tuition statewide by 5% for the 2015-16 academic year. The budget passed just 24 hours before a scheduled partial government shutdown. Of the many budget points the House Democrats and Senate Republicans disagreed on, tuition was a big one: The Senate wanted a 25% […]

  • Office for Civil Rights investigates UW for handling of sexual assault cases

    The UW is one of over 100 colleges currently under investigation by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) for the handling of sexual assault cases. A press release distributed by the UW on June 15 said the university “fail[ed] to provide the student with a prompt and equitable grievance process after […]

  • UW joins list of schools divesting from coal

    The UW is officially divesting from coal, following the examples of schools like Stanford University and the University of Maine. The commotion surrounding Thursday’s divestment vote began with a rally in Red Square.  At first, it appeared that Divest UW, the group advocating for and working with the UW to divest, was going to have […]