Meet the Unwavering Undocumented Advocate, Ray Corona

Ray Corona was nine years old when he came to America. He went through public education already feeling the preconceived ramifications of his his status. What’s the point of doing well in school if you can’t work or get scholarships? After squirming his way through America’s systemic bottleneck with the help of mentors urging him toContinue reading “Meet the Unwavering Undocumented Advocate, Ray Corona”

Trump just removed DACA, here’s what that means for undocumented students

It has been rumored since Thursday that President Donald Trump planned to remove Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and now what many nonprofits and undocumented people feared has become true. The Department of Homeland Security said it will stop processing first-time applicants for DACA today. But DACA recipients, or Dreamers, who would’ve otherwise renewed theirContinue reading “Trump just removed DACA, here’s what that means for undocumented students”

DACA Officially Set for Removal

After a week of worry by activists and organizations who first caught wind of the nightmare last Thursday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced this morning Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) will be rescinded. The 10 states that would’ve sued against DACA likely had a heavy hand in the final decision as Sessions referenced the legalContinue reading “DACA Officially Set for Removal”

DACA’s Fate Still Uncertain

President Donald Trump announced Friday morning that he “loves Dreamers” and will make a decision on keeping or phasing out Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) by Tuesday, Sept. 5. White House officials warn, however, that his mind could change in favor or against at any moment. Trump sits between a rock and a hard placeContinue reading “DACA’s Fate Still Uncertain”

Every journalist should read this

We hosted an immigration panel on last week featuring professionals working to protect the rights of (un)documented immigrants. Together, we broke down what journalists can improve on when it comes to marginalized voices. … [The Northwest Immigrants Rights Project has a hotline specifically for potential sightings of ICE. This group then sends people to checkContinue reading “Every journalist should read this”

Action Items for those at a loss, Part 3

in A sea of fake information continues to spew out of the White House and extremist or alt-right websites, making it harder for people to find accurate information on urgent issues, like Islamophobia or anything to do with Muslims. Meanwhile, the Trump administration is formulating its second go-round on an Executive Order banning refugees […] viaContinue reading “Action Items for those at a loss, Part 3”

Thousands show solidarity with immigrants at Westlake rally

“I am not going to give in to identity politics, we deserve respect because we’re humans” [Hodan] Mohamed said. “Trump’s islamophobic, anti-Black platform is not out of left field, it’s a core American value. It comes from a nation that has not outlawed the KKK but calls the Black Lives Matter movement a terrorist group.” viaContinue reading “Thousands show solidarity with immigrants at Westlake rally”

BREAKING: Attorney General Bob Ferguson Brings Trump to Court

Following the release of President Donald Trump’s executive order popularly referred to as the “Muslim ban,” the nationwide airport protests that followed, and an emergency rally and march at Westlake Park in Seattle, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced Monday morning that he’s filing a lawsuit against Trump, the Department of Homeland […] via BREAKING: AttorneyContinue reading “BREAKING: Attorney General Bob Ferguson Brings Trump to Court”

Action Items for Those at a Loss, Part 2

As a new year approaches, people continue to ask what actions they can take to improve the lot of the world. Locally, a sea of community faces come together time and time again, but feel like they’re in some sort of limbo, no matter how much they want to help. This is […] via Action ItemsContinue reading “Action Items for Those at a Loss, Part 2”