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  • ‘They Have to Start It!’: UW Shooting Suspect Seen In Video Shortly Before Confrontation

    The suspect’s Samsung has been cleared of data, but police are looking through video from others’ phones for clues to what happened Jan. 20 in Red Square. A video appears to capture the UW shooting suspects, heatedly talking the night of the shooting … “They have to start it! They have to start it,” he yells……

  • Suspected Red Square shooter is a UW student

    Editorial note: due to concerns from UWPD, portions of this article originally posted on 2/1/17 have been updated.  After briefly removing the article to ensure accuracy, minor corrections were made pertaining to how the RCW and WAC work in this case. In addition, the original posting quoted UWPD as saying “the Student Conduct Code office…

  • Broken regimens

      One man’s story shows how mental health treatment is an uphill battle in jails and prisons Hayes’ jail medical records, obtained with consent, paint a picture of unmedicated struggles within a jail system that’s overworked. A place that is often viewed as rehabilitative is in fact not. Read more here

  • UWPD has high salaries, but isn’t competitive

    Just last year, the UW Police Department (UWPD) was having issues with retention, possibly due to a “hostile environment,” according to an in-depth article by KOMO News. One year later, things have improved. Via The Daily

  • Nepal earthquake relief: a reality check on large donors

    People around the globe have been asking themselves how to best help Nepal, and even more so, where to direct their donation dollars for the largest benefit. As it turns out, large aid commitment claims are suddenly facing due scrutiny.  NPR and ProPublica released an investigation June 3rd that found the the American Red Cross has only built six permanent homes in Haiti — despite its…