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  • Seattle Womxn’s March 2.0 Attracts Thousands

    Written with Sharaya Lane Saturday marked the one- year anniversary of Donald Trump’s presidency and welcomed the anticipated follow up to one of the largest demonstrations in the history of the United States. Joining sister marches spanning cities across the country, Seattle’s Womxn’s March 2.0 served as a reminder that many of the thousands who poured […]

  • Court hearing for UW shooter reduces bail

    The two defendants in the Jan. 20 UW shooting pleaded not guilty Wednesday morning in the King County Courthouse. Elizabeth and Marc Hokoana had their bails initially set at $50,000 each before the figure was reduced to $10,000 because neither of them have a criminal history, they’re unlikely to flee, and neither are receiving any […]

  • UW Shooting Victim Doesn’t Want Shooter’s Gun Rights Permanently Revoked

    Joshua Dukes says what led to his being shot is bigger than a Glock. Via Seattle Weekly

  • Both suspects charged for premeditated UW shooting

    Elizabeth and Marc Hokoana, married, were both charged by the King County Prosecutor’s office at 8:30 this morning in connection with the Inauguration Day shooting that took place at the UW last quarter. Bail is set at $50,000 for each and a warrant is out for their arrest. Elizabeth is charged with first degree assault […]

  • UW shooter identified by attorney

    More than a month ago I reported in Seattle Weekly that Marc Hokoana told his wife, Elizabeth Hokoana, “don’t shoot anyone,” a statement captured on video. In a separate video, Marc is heard saying “they have to start it.” In addition, the shooting victim’s attorney claims the conflict all began because Marc was pepper spraying people, sparking the victim’s […]

  • UW Shooting Suspect Admits What Video Already Told Us

    More than a month ago, Seattle Weekly reported on a video in which Marc Hokoana can be heard telling his wife Elizabeth Hokoana “don’t shoot anyone” just prior to a shooting at the University of Washington—a fact that seemed to contradict earlier reports that it was Marc who fired the shot that left a man in […]

  • ‘They Have to Start It!’: UW Shooting Suspect Seen In Video Shortly Before Confrontation

    The suspect’s Samsung has been cleared of data, but police are looking through video from others’ phones for clues to what happened Jan. 20 in Red Square. A video appears to capture the UW shooting suspects, heatedly talking the night of the shooting … “They have to start it! They have to start it,” he yells… […]

  • Warrant on UW shooting suspects released, one is a UW student

    The UW Police Department (UWPD) had a search warrant signed Jan. 24 covering evidence details, including the suspect’s phone, and naming two suspects involved in the Jan. 20 Red Square shooting. With the return of the warrant, forensic investigator Chuck Pardee wrote that the suspect’s phone was cleared “through a factory reset of some sort.” […]

  • Cauce addresses student senate in wake of Red Square shooting

    The ASUW Student Senate convened for a meeting last night, asking for UW President Ana Mari Cauce to answer some questions regarding the Jan. 20 Red Square shooting. Most of the questions posed over the evening revolved around UW resources, asking the administration to be more proactive than reactive. Many expressed concern for safety and frustration […]

  • Suspected Red Square shooter is a UW student

    Editorial note: due to concerns from UWPD, portions of this article originally posted on 2/1/17 have been updated.  After briefly removing the article to ensure accuracy, minor corrections were made pertaining to how the RCW and WAC work in this case. In addition, the original posting quoted UWPD as saying “the Student Conduct Code office […]